The EVOREALM is born. Book 1 of an exciting new superhero universe comes to life in Deadlock.

Detective Eddie Solomon is running from a dark past he wishes he could forget. Giving up his life in Los Angeles, Eddie moves across the country to his hometown of Philadelphia to get a fresh start. Here he reconnects with his estranged brother, Lester, to rebuild his life and try to put the past behind him. Just when things seem to be getting better for Eddie, the unimaginable happens. Eddie is struck by an alien beam that gives him superpowers.

In what seems like a dream, Eddie is told that he has just been recruited into an alien war that has been waging across the stars for eons. The Eoch and the Thiar have come to a standstill in their conflict, and they have chosen earth to be their final campaign. Each side has chosen a champion to represent them, augmenting them however they see fit. Then they are to seek each other out and fight to the death. The winner will decide which side claims victory.

Now, Eddie must master his new abilities, keep the peace with his brother, and figure out how to deal with another super powered person that is hellbent on drawling him out by any means necessary. Can he do it or will he be overwhelmed and defeated?

The EVOREALM saga continues with book 2 in the series, Fallout.

After being in a coma for eight months, Eddie Solomon wakes up to a world that is vastly different to the one he remembers. He is no longer the only one with powers. In the aftermath of the Eoch and Thiar war, a strange radiation covered the planet. While it posed no threat to the environment, it did give a small percentage of the world’s population powers beyond imagination. These people are called Evos.

Now, as the Guardian, Eddie has a new role to play. Working alongside Cloak and Dagger, and his friend Blair, he must navigate this new and dangerous world. While the majority of Evos want nothing but to live an ordinary life, some are using their powers to protect the innocent and others seek out power and domination. And one Evo wants to wipe them all out, along with Eddie and C&D.

This new threat will push Eddie to his breaking point, but he won’t be alone. A group of young Evos will come together to help Eddie face down this evil before it can carry out its horrible plan. Plus, Eddie’s brother, Lester, resurfaces with a malevolent plan of his own. Can Eddie survive two villains or will they take down the Guardian and his team.

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