Overcoming Writer’s Block

Plenty of people have dealt with the annoyance of writer’s block. For some it’s a temporary thing that goes away after a few hours. Others have days or weeklong bouts of it. I’ve had my fair share of writer’s block, but I don’t worry about it. I have a number of different things I can do to work through it. Here are 7 ideas you can use to help you fight through writer’s block.

– Take a walk

I have spent many days walking around my neighborhood turning story ideas around in my head. Ultimately, something on my walk catches my eye and the story I was thinking of is quickly replaced. I spend the rest of the time admiring the surroundings and enjoying the time outside. When I get home, I realize I have purged the block and my creativity is back on track.

-Listen to other writers

This is something that helps me a lot, whether I have writers block or I’m just feeling a little sluggish. I find YouTube channels of my favorite authors, if they have one, and listen to how approach the writing process or their top 10 favorite sci-fi and fantasy books. Listening to them, their enthusiasm becomes infectious, and I can’t not want to sit down and write.

-Go to the library

This is kind of taking the first two and meshing them together. Walking around the library and seeing all the books gets my imagination pumping. Thinking about having my book in among all the others is a wonderful feeling. But it’s not going to make it in there until I finish it and I can’t finish it if I’m not writing. You know you’re good enough, now sit down at your computer and prove it to the world.

-Take the day off

You don’t have to write 24/7 to prove to others that you’re a writer. I usually take Sundays off, but sometimes I need a longer mental health break. Take the weekend and do something that has nothing to do with writing. Go on a day trip. Visit an old friend. I like to play video games (even at my age). Writer’s block can turn into burnout. That’s something we want to avoid.

-Set a time and stick to it

I work a full-time job and take care of my daughter in the evening. My wife works 2nd shift so one of us is with our daughter all the time. After my daughter went to bed (around 8pm) and my wife got home (10:30ish) I had 2 hours to write. This helped me not only get into a routine, but knowing I only had a certain amount of time helped me realize every minute was precious. I didn’t have time for writer’s block.

-Create an outline

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down to write and the dreaded block hits. This can be avoided with an outline. If you have your story outlined, then you’re halfway done. Just follow your notes and the writing will start flowing again. You’ll be reconnected to your story and the block will fall away.


Let other writers inspire you with their words. For me, after reading a chapter or two from my favorite author, my creative juices are bubbling, and I can’t wait to sit down and write my own story. Maybe someday, someone will read my books to help inspire them.

That’s my list. I hope it helps you with your writer’s block. No matter what, never give up. Your story is important to you and someone you have never met. Your book could be the thing they need to get them through a tough time or to help motivate someone else who wants to be a writer. You never know who you’ll impact with your writing, so give them your best.

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