The story so far…

As of this writing I’ve just finished chapter 17. Things are not going so well for our heroes. And the villain is in bad shape too. I find that I’m really enjoying the whole writing process. It is very cathartic. I look forward to sitting down and moving my characters around the world I’m creating. Thankfully I have a wonderful and understanding wife that doesn’t mind that I sequester myself in my office for hours on end. She knows how much this means to me. I try to tell her what’s going on but she says she’ll wait for me to finish so she can read it with no spoilers. I didn’t know if I’d get this far when I started. I’ve heard other people talk about writing and how they never got very far with it. I not only plan on completing this book but I have several other ideas that I want to work on. But first things first. Get this done, polished and in the hands of people everywhere.

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