Looking Ahead

The holidays are behind us and a brand new year is ahead of us. How are you going to tackle 2020? I’m still working on figuring that out.

I’m 90% done with the first draft of my book. Time has gotten away from me. Between the holidays, work and family obligations finding time to write is tough. I squeeze it in where I can. On New Year’s Eve I spent the evening at a friends house. While everyone was shooting pool and talking, I was writing my next chapter on my phone.

This is also my birthday month. I’ve never had a good experience with it. Every time I try to plan something fun, no one shows up. One year no one remembered it and I went out a day or two later and bought my own cake.

Sorry if I sound like I’m complaining. I don’t know if it’s the post holiday blues or the fact that we still have a few months of cold and snowy weather before spring that’s pulling me down.

What I need to do, and will do after I’m done writing this, is get myself refocused on my WIP and finish it. I’m aiming to have things done and polished by September or October. We’ll see how that works. I’ll give more updates as I go.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

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  1. Sorry about your birthday plans going awry. I had a pretty good birthday last year but most are pretty forgettable. So I hear ya. On the new year front, I’m planning on having a short story collection out son and I look forward to connecting with more folks on here. Great post and thank you for sharing!

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