Inspiration. It’s that intangible thing that hits everyone from time to time. Most of us recognize it but don’t do anything with it. Some jump at it and start using it but they end up fizzling out just as quick. Then there are those who grab hold of it with both hands and wrestle it to the ground. They use that inspiration to do amazing things.

I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t think anyone knows. As a matter of fact,  I’m not sure I would want to know .When it hits me, it’s like clouds parting and the suns bright, magnificent light shines down revealing what was hidden.

 There may be some science-y types out there that will be more than happy to bore us with an explanation that can’t be proven. No thanks. Keep it to yourself.

Before I wrote one word of my novel, I knew exactly how it would end. And it was inspired by a song. The first time I heard it, inspiration hit. I could see my hero and the villain locked in combat. A fight so epic it stayed with me for almost 20 years. Every time I listened to the song I was transported to that scene. It played out like a movie in my head with the song as it’s soundtrack.

You may be asking yourself, “What is this song that sparked Stephen’s imagination?” Well I’ll tell you. It’s The Call of Ktulu from Metallica’s S&M album. The mix of metal and orchestral music is awesome. When I finally got to that scene in my book I played it on a loop until I was done. My adrenaline kicked in as the music and my words swirled together. My fingers danced across the keyboard so fast they were a blur. When I was done I stopped the music, sat back and looked at what I wrote. It was everything I thought about for all those years, finally on the page.  

So I still don’t know where Inspiration comes from. I’ll let the philosophers and scientists fight over that. As long as it keeps shining down on me I’ll be happy. What sparks your inspiration? Do you have a muse? I’d like to hear from you.

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  1. The Muse is real, but she’s pretty elusive. I agree with you about letting others argue over the source… why burden ourselves with it when we’re busy pounding the keyboard? Good luck to us all as we continue putting our stories out there!

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