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A small sample from my collection.

Comic books have been at the center of who I am since I was a child. My earliest memory was seeing Spider-Man on a show called The Electric Company on PBS. There was a book sale at my elementary school. I found that they were selling Spider-Man comics. They weren’t his regular adventures. These comics were with the characters form the show he was in. They were made to get kids to learn and have fun doing it. Needless to say, I got my parents to buy me one and I’ve been hooked on the ever since.

In high school, me and some friends made our own comics and passed them around. There were two ‘competing’ groups, and we would write our comments on the back page. I still have a few safely hidden away. My art is terrible but I had some good ideas(in my opinion).

I always held out hope that someday I would work for a comic book company. Having finished my first book I guess I’ll be working for me. I have a lot of ideas for other books but if you’re reading this you have probably gone through what I’m currently working on. Editing.

It is monopolizing my time leaving me very little time for anything else. On breaks at work I’ve been able to write down some thoughts about the next story I want to tell. I have a folder full of scrap paper with notes about characters, plots and back stories. Hopefully when the time comes I can decipher my notes and pull a proper outline together. I’m sure I will. My next idea is something very personal to me and I want to make sure it turns out well.

In the future, I’d like to add some comic book reviews to this blog. I’d also like to sit down with some indie comic book creators in my area and interview them. I’ve always been interested in seeing what makes other creators tick.

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