Goodbye 2020

I’ve been trying to come up with something to post for a while. I thought about talking about Christmas and how me and my family are getting ready for it, but there were no good anecdotes to share. So I settled on a year in review.

This was a very weird year for me. On one hand there was the bug that closed everything I love. No movie theaters. No concerts. My wife and I were planning a trip to Florida and that got scrapped. We couldn’t even have a nice anniversary dinner at our favorite restaurant. In this respect the year was a washout.

On the other hand I finished my book, which is fantastic, and it’s ready to go. I’m waiting until February 1 to release it. I’m doing everything I can to promote it. I’m realizing that I have much to learn about marketing. Being a nobody in the world of writing and trying to get noticed is hard. Then again I’m sure a lot of people who will read this can relate to that. This brings us back around to the bug.

There are several small comic conventions in my area during the year that I enjoy attending. This year I was going to make the move and rent a spot in them and promote my book. Guess what happened? They either canceled or went virtual. I’m a people person. I like meeting live people and shaking hands and talking sci-fi and comic books. If I was a paranoid person I might think this bug had it out for me personally.

Despite the setbacks I did finish my book, Deadlock, and I have the outline for the next book done. Starting January 1 I’ll be back in my chair typing away. Hopefully this dark cloud will lift and we can all get back to normal. When that happens I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

Have a Merry Christmas and great rest of the year. Let’s make 2021 the year we get back on track and make all our dreams reality.

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