Dialing it in…slowly.

I’m trying to find my niche for this blog. I’m a huge comic book fan. The book I wrote(it’s with the editor as of this writing) was conceived as an idea for a comic book. It’s safe to say comics have been a major influence on my life.

I’ve been reading a lot of “how-to” articles about blogs. Most of them say that I should write about my passions. That would be writing and comic books.

Since this whole bug thing has hit, I haven’t been to my local comic store. They were closed for a while, then the industry shut down. Diamond distributors crashed. The medium as a whole has been in a tailspin. Trying to find things to talk about on that front is tough.

When you throw in the fact that I’m working a full time job, I take care of my daughter in the evening, I’m pushing myself to get my book finished, and we’re preparing to move in a few weeks writing for a blog is way down on my to do list.

I’d love to post more and I will once we’re settled in our new home. When I get my book back from my editor I’m going to post the first two chapters to, hopefully, whet your appetite. I’m also working on this site to make it a little cleaner and streamlined. I want to have a more professional look and feel.

To everyone who follows me, thank you. I appreciate your support. I’m looking forward to adding more content so you and anyone new showing up will have a lot to read and discuss.

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