The First Full Week

Okay. A week and two days.

Well it’s been 2021 for a whole week. How’s everyone doing? I’m not doing too bad. I came into this year with a solid plan and so far I’m hitting all my goals. The middle of the week was kinda rough. I didn’t get good sleep. I went to work with about 4 hours of sleep. Halfway through the day I thought I might skip writing and go to bed early. I didn’t. I buckled down and got to it. Nothing good comes easy.

The writing that night didn’t go well. But I put my butt in the chair and pushed through. I save Saturday’s as a make up day. I’ll finish a chapter or do a little editing. Thankfully I had a light day. The first 5 chapters of my new book are on paper, so to speak.

My first book, Deadlock, is scheduled for release on February 1. When I’m not writing I’m doing everything I can to promote it. With the world either in lockdown or people don’t want to get close to you, it’s hard to get any traction outside of online stuff. I did reach out to two different comic book shops hoping I might set up a small table but they turned me down. I understand. They both said I’m more than welcome when things get better, whenever that will be?

Aside from that, I’m planning a Facebook live event to promote Deadlock. If you’re free that day look me up. Also I’m going to reveal the title of my second book. These are exciting times for me. A few years ago I never thought I’d have a book finished and now I have one done and I’m writing number two. I know my following is small right now but to everyone who is following me, thank you. I’m sincerely grateful to those who have taken the time to follow me and read what I’ve written. You’re the best.

If you could take the time and sign up for my email and maybe share my site with your friends, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again.

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