Dismissing your fan base-Revisited

Will they ever learn?

This could be an unpopular opinion.

It was a little over a year ago when I wrote a blog talking about writers using their platform to push unpopular agendas in their writing and on their social media accounts. It pains me to report that things are still bad. Some have even doubled down on the woke nonsense (I’m looking at you DC Comics).

As I said before, a writer has the freedom to write whatever they want. That’s the beauty of the art. There will always be someone to read what you wrote. The problem is when what was written is rejected by the majority and the writer takes to Twitter or Facebook and calls the fans “ists” and “phobes”. They tell you that politics and social justice have always been in comics and other literature. That is partially true. Writers, in the past, were able to present all sides of a debate. They showed the good and bad of both sides then let the reader make their own decision on how to proceed.

Now if you don’t agree with their twisted (mostly left leaning) view of reality you’re the enemy and on the wrong side of history. The comic book industry is failing because they’ve allowed far left activists to take over. People with very little talent are being propped up by Marvel and DC. Their books are being destroyed by Japanese Manga and independent comic book creators on Kickstarter and now Substack. The worse it gets for the big two, the more they push out garbage.

I stand by this.

Marvel’s “All new, all different” idea saw them race and gender swap just about every major character. It was a disaster. None of the “new” characters they put out caught on. Their books were canceled soon after. Some were kept on life support by being in other, more popular books, and now, as of this writing, Disney+ is pushing some of them on to the public as shows no one asked for. No one read Ms. Marvel and Ironheart. The only people who are going to watch these shows are the normies who have never stepped foot into a comic book shop.  

‘Nuff said.

DC has decided to misrepresent the percentage of alphabet people by turning most of their characters bi-sexual or gay. They know that if they try to introduce new characters that are gay, they won’t sell. Their plan to work around that is to take established characters and twist them into something they were never meant to be. It’s all done for attention and a quick money grab.

The unfortunate outcome will be in the live action movies and television shows. Although it’s already happened to some extent, the heroes we’ve known and loved for decades will be shown in their new, enlightened state of woke. The true comic fans won’t buy it and the normies will get tired of it. The superhero genre will become a shadow of it’s former self. It will sink into near oblivion. A few true comic creators will keep the spirit alive as they continue to produce their indie titles. Others will find new outlets to explore such as novels.

I know comics are a visual medium, but there are a lot of good superhero fiction novels on the market (I’m including me in this category). The art might be missing but the soul of a comic book is there. Every comic I’ve ever read has helped influence me in my writing career. My book, Deadlock, is the kind of superhero story that is a callback to the fun, adventurous escapism that comic books were before the dark times.

Now you have the freedom to read, or write, anything you want. I’m not the kind of person that shames others over what they do. That said, if you are going after people because they disagree with you, you are the problem. No matter how many comics you write, they’ll never be as good as the ones written before the age of social justice and they’ll be sent to the .50 cent bin in the hopes some rube will take them off the poor comic shop owners hands.

Agree with me? Disagree? Think I’m a hater? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to see what your take on this is. Either way thanks for reading this to the end. No matter what your opinion is I appreciate you.

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