More Than One Game In Town.

Comics are great, but let’s not forget their big brother, books.

There’s almost nothing I love more than to sit down and read a comic book. Comics are, when done right, some of the greatest pieces of art you and I can own. When you combine an artist with phenomenal skill and a writer who knows how to tell a great story, you have something that should be preserved forever. It’s sad that these days, the two big comic companies (Marvel & DC) have chosen to abandon good story telling so they can push agendas that the majority of comic fans don’t care about.

Poor sales from the big 2 and the coronavirus has helped bring about the rise of the indie comic book market. Smart, talented artists and writers who either once worked in the mainstream comics market or people who are just as talented but never got the chance to work for them, have made incredible strides and have carved out a place for their brand of comics. Comics that, some would say, are just as good or better than their competitors. This makes me hopeful for the future of comics.

While the indie comic people are thriving, there is another indie market that deserves it’s time in the sun. The indie book author. Specifically the superhero fiction writer. As someone in this genre, I feel that we are creating stories just as good as our comic brethren, but because it’s not as visually appealing we don’t get the same  attention. We put as much work into our stories as they do. The only difference is the reader has to supply the art, in their heads, as they read.

I recently watched a Youtube video were the host was talking about a new indie comic coming out and that it’s done very well for itself money wise. They went on to say that it’s, “very ambitious to want to do a whole entire superhero universe”. I created a whole entire superhero universe and it wasn’t that hard. Other indie comics and authors have been doing this for years so I’m not sure what makes this more ambitious than what’s already come before it. As long as you have a good imagination and are able to express it you can create anything on the page, written or drawn.

My first book, Deadlock, is the big bang for my superhero universe. The follow up, Fallout, explores this new universe and all of the good and bad it brings. When I start writing the third book in the series it will expand past earth and move into the far reaches of space. I plotted and planned this way before I wrote one word of my book. The initial idea hit me long ago (mid 1990’s). I was walking out of my local comic book shop when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Different life issues kept me from writing it sooner, but the idea never faded. It only grew bigger and stronger in my mind until I couldn’t contain it. I had to write it, or my head would explode.

The rise of the indie comic creator is a wonderful thing. New ideas are coming out and I will be spending some of my money to support their campaigns. I will also be on the lookout for indie authors that are putting out great stories that need to be read. I would challenge you, dear reader, to also look for indie authors. You don’t even have to buy the superhero stuff. There are authors who are writing great mysteries, horror, political intrigue and many other types of fiction. But if you feel the need to buy a superhero fiction book, might I humbly recommend Deadlock. I think you’ll be very pleased with it, and you’ll be supporting another indie creator.

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