Happy New Year 2023

Let’s see what happens

Welcome to the new year. A blank page that ignites your inspiration and anything is possible. That’s how I’m approaching 2023.

My second book, Fallout, is finished. This month I’m going to get the cover and formatting done. I’m hoping to have it available the end of February or beginning of March.

This year I’m going to push myself and try something different. I’m going to write two books. The first is the third in my Deadlock series. The second is going to be a crime thriller that takes place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Writing two books, for me, is going to be a challenge. I’ll have to devote more time to writing and a bit less with family, but my wife understands how important this is for me so I have her blessing.

I’m not looking too much past April or May. I don’t want to lock myself into something then realize I can’t do it. Writing and promoting it is already a big job. If I can find some speaking engagements or a convention or local market to set up a table and hock my wares, I’ll definitely mark that down on my calendar no matter the date.

This past year I focused mostly inward. Moving to a new state, acclimating to our new surroundings, getting used to a new job, working on my book. This year I’m want to have a healthy balance of looking inward and looking outward.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read these posts. You guys are amazing. I hope this year is the best ever for you and your loved ones.

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