Dismissing your fan base

This could cause me to lose followers (not that I have many now) but being a writer who leans left is becoming something of a cliche. As of this writing I have over 1200 followers and the majority identify as leftist. You can’t tell me there are no conservative sci fi writers out there.

I’m all for freedom of speech, but the last thing I want to do is alienate potential readers. The last few years there have been many people in the arts who have gone all in with their political affiliations. In my opinion this does nothing to advance a career. In a world with an already deep divide, proclaiming allegiance to one side while belittling the other is pure stupidity.

I have seen a number of writers that I love to read go off the deep end. Their hate for the current president is borderline psychotic. Instead of taking a neutral stance for the sake of maintaining fans, they push extreme anti American ideas to pander to those who think like them.

You can probably guess by now that I do not subscribe to the ideals of of the left. I’ve done my best to maintain a non-political stance. Science fiction is for everyone. Putting a political bias in stories is dumb. I could never understand why writers would want to push readers away with agenda filled stories.

Again, I’m all for freedom of speech. Say whatever you want. It’s your constitutional right. But if ,and when, people disagree with your views don’t get bent out of shape. They too are using their freedom of speech.

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